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Who We Are

Studio Asanawa is an unconventional multi-label lingerie concept based in the UAE with conscious consumerism and design at its core, walking the line between product, art and culture.


Launched in Dubai in March 2018, the label hopes to embody the cross-culturalism and existential search for values inherent of our time. Our aesthetic lies at the heart of where East meets West, where shared values based on unity, mutual understanding and a fierce love for preserving our collective heritage paint a visual portrait of the modern feminine identity.


All of the unique designs we stock are sourced from emerging designers and small ateliers across Europe, ethically handcrafted by talented women working solo or in small teams. By adhering to traditional values of luxury and garment production standards such as focusing on high quality, locally sourced fabrics, intricate, hand worked embroidery and finishing, as well as a respect for small batch production, we hope to support the dwindling textile industries that were once the proud hallmark of the Made in Europe designation in a manner that does justice to the high standards with which the cultured and discerning modern woman views the world.


This is a story about sartorial heritage, about embodying self love through the choices we make, and about explorations in design that can really flourish to meet a shared, global purpose towards positive change for a more sustainable future.


This is Studio Asanawa.

About the founders

Chantal Brocca is a cultural writer, fashion critic, stylist and creative director working between Dubai, Paris and Milan. Her work mainly focuses on revealing the true face of society by unearthing cracks in the fashion system through her blog and contributions to international magazines, organizing events and panel discussions to debate hot topics such as Sustainability, Consumerism and The Fashion System, as well as educating audiences on sustainable fashion through her activist work with Fashion Revolution UAE.


Najla Busit is an Emirati art and museum professional deeply involved with the developing local art scene, working at art fairs, Christie's, and currently, at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. She juggles managing an art collection for the museum and enriching her personal collection of hand crafted unique lingerie pieces from all over the world. The lack of variety in the UAE has always been evident to her, leading her to always search abroad and online for quality pieces to collect since she was 16, transitioning naturally into a lingerie multi-label.


Chantal and Najla have known each other for over a decade, meeting at dance class for the first time at the age of 14, only to reconnect 13 years later to found Studio Asanawa after a long catch up where they discussed art, culture, and the true face of the modern fashion industry.